Port District



Coke, carbon black feed stock, crude, fuel oil, IC 4, gasoline, heating oil, naphtha, natural gas, cobalt, petroleum products, phosphate.


Coal, grain-corn, soybean, wheat.

OVERALL ANNUAL TONNAGE (2014) 55,494,992

REVENUES (2014) $5,434,853


MAIN CHANNEL DEPTH 47 foot draft Stretching from the U.S. Gulf of Mexico to mile 81.7 above Head of Passes.


Bass Enterprises Production Co.:

Private; Cargo: Crude oil; Berths: 2 - (1) Loading Dock, Point a la Hache; Length: 200 ft.; Depth: 25-30 ft.; (2)

Cox Bay:

Length: 500 ft.; Depth: 12-15 ft.

Chevron Pipe Line Co. (Cal-Ky Div.):

Private; Cargo: Landing for crew-boat, receipt of supplies such as diesel, lubricating oil & water for station consumption; Length: 60 ft.; Depth: 10 ft.; One 2-ton electric mast & boom derrick/20 ft.

Chevron Pipe Line Co. (Empire Barge Wharf):

Private; Cargo: Crude Oil; Length: 500 ft.; Depth: 25 ft.; Two 6" swivel-jointed pipeline loading arms.

Chevron Oak Point:

Cargo: Crude and petroleum products; Berths: 1; Length: 250 ft.; Depth: 40 ft.; Rail service; Product handled over wharf, organic chemical compounds used in the blending of lubricating oils for transportation & industrial related equipment; Loading/unloading facilities for tank cars, tank trucks, container trucks, drums; Product storage: 8 to 10 million gallons. 44 ft. x 110 ft. structure with 5-8 ft. marine loading arms. Handles barges from 180 ft. to 250 ft. long. Can handle 5 separate materials at one time.

Conoco, Inc.:

Private; Cargo: Oil and gas drilling & production materials and equipment; Slip #1 on Tiger Pass; Length: 900 ft.; Depth: 10-18 ft.; Highway and trucking access; 20 ft. by 40 ft. storage warehouse.

Freeport Sulphur Company:

Vacant: Cargo: Sulphur; Berths: 2; Length: 600 ft.; Depth: 40 ft.

Halliburton Services:

Private; Cargo: Drilling mud, chemicals, portable water; Length: 400 ft. in Tiger Pass and 400 ft. inside slip; 40-ton crane alongside Halliburton-McDermott Slip side.

CHS, Inc.:

Cargo: Grain; Berths: 1; Length: 540 ft. to 982 ft.; Depth: 50 ft.; Rail Service; Storage of 6.1 million bushels.

International Marine Terminal:

Berths: 2 for ships, 1 for gulf barge; Storage: 750,000 sq.ft. open ground storage.

Marathon Oil Co.:

Private; Cargo: Coordination and supply point for off-shore drilling and production areas; Length: 500 ft. along Canal #2; Depth: 17-24 ft.; 15-ton hydraulic crane.

Marathon Petroleum Co. (Venice Terminal):

Private; Cargo: Crude oil by tanker; Length: 1,000 ft.; Depth: 40 ft.; Three 12" swivel-jointed pipeline loading arms.

Shell Offshore, Inc.:

Private; Cargo: Oilfield supplies and equip- ment for offshore drilling and production operations; Length: 1,000 ft.; Depth: 9 ft.- 15 ft.; Heliport area of 3.97 acres with 5 landing pads, 8 helicopter capacity.

Stolthaven Braithwaite Terminal:

Cargo: Breakbulk; Truck Racks: 6; Rail Racks: 4, Docks: Ships (2), Length: 576 ft. Depth 40 ft. each; Barge (1), 300 ft. Depth 14 ft.; Storage Tanks: 80; Capacity: 1,626,000 barrels.

United Bulk Terminal:

Cargo: coal, phosphate; Berths: 3;
Length: 3,000 ft. of continuous dock; Depth: 55-80 ft.; Annual throughput capacity of more than 25 million tons, first major terminal on the river, operating 24 hrs. per day, 7 days per week, 360 days per year; Fleeting available for 450 river barges. Full-service terminal for cargo transfer, ground storage, blending, sizing, crushing and sampling of coal and coke. Provides discharge of ocean vessels & transfer to river barges; and direct transfer for bulk commodities from barge to ships.

Texaco Pipeline Co.: (Pilottown crew boat dock):

Private; Landing for crew, supplies & equipment; Length: 80 ft.; Depth: 8 ft.; Two 2-ton hand operated traveling hoists/15 ft. reach; one on wharf extending to building at rear, one on upper pier.

Phillips 66, Alliance Refinery:

Cargo: Petroleum products, crude, etc.; Berths: 2; Length: 1,205 ft.; Depth: 40+ft.; Rail Service; Berth from 280 ft. to 1,205 ft. Can accommodate one tanker and one L.P.G.; 51 storage tanks with total capacity of 6.8 million barrels; 11 pressure spheres with total capacity of 400,000 barrels.

Rescue/Patrol/Fire Boats:

M/V AUTHORITY I located Mile 75.6
RDB: M/V AUTHORITY II is located at Mile 10.5 RDB. M/V AUTHORITY III is located at Mile 75.6. Communications: VHF Channels 12, 16, 22, 67; All other port services provided by private industry.


12 Mile: 79.0-80.8 RDB; Augusta: 72.0-71.4 RDB; Wills Point: 67.5-66.4 LDB; Davant: 54.5-53.5 LDB; Port Sulphur: 39.7-37.5 LDB; Boothville: 18.4-12.2 RDB; Belle Chasse: 75.2-73.1 RDB; Cedar Grove 71.2-70.6 RDB; Alliance: 65.8-63.2 RDB; Magnolia: 47.5-45.8 RDB; Ostrica: 24.4-23.5 RDB; Pilottown: 6.7-1.5 RDB.

Coal Facilities: Dockside (Midstream):

72.7 RDB; Fleeting Area: 73.0-71.5 RDB; International Marine Terminal (Landside): 57.0 RDB; International Marine Terminal (Fleeting Area): 58.0-56.0 RDB; United Bulk Terminal (Landside): 55.2 LDB; Electro-Coal Transfer (Fleeting Area): 56.0-55.2 LDB; 55.0-52.5 LDB.

OTHER PORT-OWNED BUSINESSES, SERVICES AND FACILITIES Fort Jackson Warehouse & Dock 20.5 RDB, Tenant; Marine Spill Recovery Corporation



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