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Associated Branch Pilots -  Craig Sanders, President
The Associated Branch Pilots (Bar Pilots) for the Port of New Orleans is an association of professional pilots who guide ocean-going vessels of all sizes and descriptions from the Gulf of Mexico through the narrow channels of Southwest Pass and the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet.

Crescent River Port Pilot's Association -  E. Michael Bopp, President
Since 1908, the Crescent River Port Pilots have been safely and efficiently piloting ships up and down the 106 miles of the Mississippi River between Pilottown and New Orleans. The Crescent Pilots use their knowledge of local waters and port conditions, and their experience as professional pilots to move a wide range of vessels ranging from oil tankers to cruise ships.

Plaquemines Medical Center - Plaquemines Medical Center understands the importance of providing prompt and efficient delivery of emergency and routine care, primary healthcare services, and pre-employment physicals.
Plaquemines Parish Civil Service  - Port job opportunities and forms       



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