Oil Tanker

Plaquemines Port is dedicated to providing a full range of port security services in order to protect the people, vessels, cargo, facilities and other resources along our waterways as well as safeguarding the environment.

The services we provide range from monitoring of shipping traffic and handling of cargo in the harbor to prevent collisions and accidents to providing emergency services such as firefighting, search and rescue and much more. Our highly trained and experienced security and emergency professionals provide policing of the river, the riverfront and all navigable waterways as well as the banks and adjacent areas affected by port, harbor, terminal, water and marine activities. The Port also provides a 24-hour marine communications network oriented to marine emergencies.

The services provided by Plaquemines Port are funded in part by the collection of tariff fees including harbor fees, security fees and supplemental fees. These fees are assessed to all vessels engaged in waterborne commerce within the Plaquemines Port district. For complete details on tariff rates, charges, rules and regulations you may download the Plaquemines Port Tariff Document here.



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